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Steven Schmidt is an interdisciplinary and award-winning creative professional with a rich background in graphic design, marketing management and broadcast radio. His diverse set of skills and interests, ranging from history and science to sociology, music, architecture, design, and pop culture, lends a well-rounded, versatile and multidimensional approach to his work.

Steven draws inspiration from his experiences in creative, architecture, engineering, and museum industries highlighting his ability to integrate different perspectives into his artistic endeavors. The emphasis on order, structure, and precision as guiding principles suggests a thoughtful and intentional approach to his creative process, using these elements not as constraints but as tools to enhance his exploration of form and composition.

Steven is a member of Oklahoma Visual Arts Coalition and 108 Contemporary

Steven's work is available at:

JRB Art at The Elms 
• 2810 N. Walker Ave. • Oklahoma City, OK • Instagram  @jrbartgallery     

M.A. Doran Gallery • 3509 S. Peoria Ave. • Tulsa, OK • Instagram  @madorangallery3509

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